Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics - Online Seminars




The series of online seminars Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Mechanics (MCQM) focuses on current topics of mathematical physics,  with special attention to the mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics. It aims to bring together the Italian community working on mathematical methods for quantum theory.    

The seminars take place on Wednesday afternoon, usually at 14:15 Italian time, on a monthly basis. The schedule of the upcoming seminars is:     


Each seminar will be accompanied by a lecture addressed to PhD students and young researchers, aimed at introducing the broad topic of the seminar and presenting some perspectives of the open problems and mathematical challenges in the field. The lecture will be held on the same day of the seminar, at 11.30 Italian time.

Titles and abstracts of the MCQM Seminars and PhD lectures are available at this page and this page respectively. To receive the zoom link to attend the seminars and/or the PhD lectures please register here

Organizing committee

Serena Cenatiempo (GSSI)   
Marco Falconi (PoliMi)   
Emanuela L. Giacomelli (LMU)   
Domenico Monaco (Sapienza)   
Marco Olivieri (Copenhagen)

Registration to MCQM Seminars
  • Aldo Clemente
  • Alessandro Olgiati
  • Antoine Levitt
  • Apostolos Giovanakis
  • Arnaud Triay
  • Asbjørn Bækgaard Lauritsen
  • Benjamin Hinrichs
  • Bruno Colbois
  • Camilo Gómez Araya
  • Chiara Boccato
  • Claudio Cacciapuoti
  • Cornelia Vogel
  • Cristina Caraci
  • Daniele Ferretti
  • David Miguélez Caballero
  • Davide Desio
  • Denis Périce
  • Dirk Hundertmark
  • Domenico Lapadula
  • Domenico Monaco
  • Eliana Fiorelli
  • Emanuela L. Giacomelli
  • Fabrizio Caragiulo
  • Feng He
  • François Visconti
  • Gabriele Grillo
  • Gabriele Peluso
  • Ghofrane Bel Hadj Aissa
  • Gianluca Panati
  • Giovanna Marcelli
  • Giovanni Franzina
  • Giulia Basti
  • Giuseppe Gaeta
  • Giuseppe Lipardi
  • Giuseppe MARMO
  • Harman Preet Singh
  • Horia Cornean
  • Jakob Oldenburg
  • Javier Valentín Martín
  • Jinyeop Lee
  • Jonas Lampart
  • Konstantin Merz
  • Lakshita Bageja
  • Leonardo Goller
  • Loredana Mihaela Vasiloiu
  • Luca Fresta
  • Lucrezia Cossetti
  • Mangaldeep Paul
  • Marco Falconi
  • Marco Olivieri
  • Massimo Moscolari
  • Matias Ginzburg
  • Matteo Gallone
  • Meriem Bahhi
  • Michele Correggi
  • Nepomuk Trauner
  • Nico Michele Schiavone
  • Nils Schopohl
  • Paolo Facchi
  • Per Moosavi
  • Pierfrancesco Martini
  • Raphaël Gautier
  • Sangdon Jin
  • Saptarshi Mandal
  • Serena Cenatiempo
  • Siegfried Spruck
  • Simone Rademacher
  • Stefano Marcantoni
  • Thiago Carvalho Corso
  • Tim Möbus
  • Tommaso Pistillo
  • Vishnu Sanjay
  • William Borrelli
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  • Wednesday, November 8
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      MCQM PhD Lecture: Angela Capel Cuevas

      Title: Quantum entropy and trace inequalities

      Abstract: In this talk, I will give an elementary introduction to the subject of quantum entropies and trace inequalities, with a special focus on results that are relevant to quantum information theory. First, we will discuss various different notions of quantum entropies that extend those of classical entropies, and we will show several of their fundamental properties, in particular under the application of quantum channels. We will put a special focus on those properties that differ from their classical counterparts. Next, we will describe some contexts within quantum Shannon theory in which the use of quantum entropies is fundamental, such as for quantum hypothesis testing or to estimate quantum channel capacities.

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      MCQM Seminar: Nilanjana Datta

      Title: Universal proofs of entropic continuity bounds via majorization flow

      Abstract: We employ majorization theory to obtain a powerful tool for deriving simple and universal proofs of continuity bounds for various entropies which are relevant in information theory. In obtaining this, we first state a more general result which may be of independent interest: a necessary and sufficient condition under which a state maximizes a concave, continuous, Gateaux-differentiable function in an epsilon-ball in trace distance. Examples of such a function include the von Neumann entropy, Renyi entropies, and the conditional entropy. In particular, by introducing a notion of majorization flow, we prove that the alpha-Rényi entropy is Lipschitz continuous, for alpha greater than 1, thus resolving an open problem and providing a substantial improvement over previously known bounds. This is joint work with Eric Hanson.