3-7 October 2022
Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Posters and Awards

Authors are required to upload their posters on the personal material submission Indico area of the conference by September 18, 2022. Two rapporteurs will be identified to present highlights from the poster sessions, in two dedicated talks covering theory and experiments respectively.

Posters should be in portrait orientation, 70 cm X 100  cm of dimensions.The standard resolution for  pictures, figures and plots must be above 300 dpi.

All the posters uploaded within the deadline will be printed out by the local organizing committee of the conference and displayed nearby the conference room.

An award will be assigned to the best two posters, as selected by a specific committee, with a corresponding certificate and prize money, thanks to the contribution of Thales Alenia Space Italy to the symposium organization.


Board number Title Presenter


Sensitivity of the combined fit of energy spectrum, shower depth distributions, and arrival directions at the Pierre Auger Observatory

Teresa Bister


Performance evaluation of LHCf-ATLAS ZDC joint measurement using proton beam

Moe Kondo


On the mystery of the multi-muon flux at the TeV cosmic-ray energy range

Jordi Tuneu


Search for the large-scale cosmic-ray anisotropies using the TA and TALE surface detector arrays

Toshihiro Fujii


Reconstruction of the muon production longitudinal profiles in extensive air showers

Eva dos Santos


Near-future discovery of point sources of ultra-high-energy neutrinos

Damiano F. G. Fiorillo


Ultra-High Energy Proton-Proton Collision in the Laboratory System as the Source of Proton, Neutrino and Gamma Spectra in Astrophysics

Olga Piskounova


Probing Lorentz violation at ultra-high energies using air showers

Marcus Niechciol


CRPropa high statistic simulations for UHECR anisotropy studies

Simone Rossoni


MultI-messenger probe of Cosmic Ray Origins: the MICRO project

Antonio Condorelli


Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays from a Population of Non-identical Sources

Domenik Ehlert


Performance of the TALE infill experiment as a TA-TALE extension down to the PeV region

Aoi Iwasaki


Examination of Xmax anisotropy for the next generation Ultra-high energy cosmic rays observation

Ryosuke Saito


Estimation and reduction of the biases by the galactic magnetic field on the UHECR correlation studies

Ryo Higuchi


Single source scenario describing the very end of the cosmic-ray energy spectrum

Alena Bakalová


Absolute calibration of the photodetection modules for the JEM-EUSO missions

Trofimov Daniil


A Bayesian source association analysis of UHECRs: Impact of the Galactic magnetic field and composition

Francesca Capel


Modeling Neutrino and Background Signals for the Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations (PUEO) Experiment

Austin Cummings


The XY-Scanner for Absolute End-to-End Calibration of Fluorescence Detectors

Martin Vacula


Search for upward-going showers with the Pierre Auger Observatory

Vladimír Novotný


Muon counting with the Underground Muon Detector of The Pierre Auger Observatory

Marina Scornavacche


Neutron production in simulations of extensive air showers

David Schmidt


The CORSIKA 8 project and Pythia 8 as hadronic interaction model in air shower simulations

Maximilian Reininghaus


An end-to-end in-flight calibration of the Mini-EUSO detector

Hiroko Miyamoto


The Pierre Auger Observatory: Studying atmospheric electricity with cosmic-ray detectors

Roberta Colalillo


Measurement of fluorescent telescope optical properties in TA experiments using UAV

Takayuki Tomida


Monocular Energy Spectrum using the TAx4 Fluorescence Detector

Mathew Potts

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