November 8, 2023 to May 16, 2024
Europe/Rome timezone

Seminars & PhD Lectures 2021/22


December 2021        


Stefan Teufel, A general bulk-edge correspondence at positive temperature.                                                  

                                     PhD Lecture, Domenico Monaco.        


January 2022


Nicolas Rougerie, Two modes approximation for bosons in a double well potential.

                                       PhD Lecture, Alessandro Olgiati.        

February 2022


Zied Ammari, On well-posedness for the Gross-Pitaevskii and Hartree hierarchy equations.

                                              PhD Lecture, Marco Oliveri.       


March 2022


Alain Joye, Adiabatic Linbladian Evolution with small dissipators.


                                     PhD Lecture, Giovanna Marcelli.        


April 2022


Jan Philip Solovej, The ground state energy of Dilute Bose Gases.


                                        PhD Lecture, Chiara Boccato.        


May 2022


Maria Esteban, Spectral results and open problems for Dirac-Coulomb operators with general charge distributions.





June 2022


Kenji Yajima, The L-boundedness of wave operators for four dimensional Schrödinger operators with threshold resonances. 

        PhD Lecture, Raffaele Scandone.        







Organizing committee: Claudio Cacciapuoti (Uninsubria), Raffaele Carlone (UniNa) Serena Cenatiempo (GSSI), Marco Falconi (PoliMi), Emanuela  L. Giacomelli (LMU München), Domenico Monaco (Sapienza), Marco Olivieri (Aarhus University).



More information on the seminars of the MCQM series held in the past editions can be found at this link.