November 8, 2023 to May 31, 2024
Europe/Rome timezone

Seminars & PhD lectures 2020/21


December 2020


Alessandro Giuliani, Non renormalization of the "chiral anomaly " in lattice Weyl semimetals.




January 2021


Pavel Exner, Discrete  spectrum of the two dimensional soft waveguides.

                                      PhD Lecture, Davide Fermi.        


February 2021


Mathieu Lewin, Non results on the Lieb-Thirring inequality.

                                    PhD Lecture, Marco Falconi.        


March 2021


Israel Michael Sigal, Some mathematical problems of quantum mechanics.





April 2021


Michael Loss, Which magnetic fields support a zero mode?






May 2021


Gigliola Staffilani, The Schrödinger equation as inspiration of beautiful mathematics.

PhD Lecture, William Borrelli.        


June 2021


Maciej Zworski, Mathematics of magic angles in a model of twisted bilayer graphene.




July 2021


Christian Hainzl, Bosonic properties of fermionic systems. 

PhD Lecture, Emanuela L. Giacomelli.        





Organizing committee: Claudio Cacciapuoti (Uninsubria), Raffaele Carlone (UniNa), Michele Correggi (PoliMi).



More information on the seminars of the MCQM series held in the past editions can be found at this link.