Activities in the area

We gather here a few suggestions for activities that can be done during your stay in L'Aquila. You may find many more suggestions at the webpage:

Highlights around GSSI

Highlights around L'Aquila

  • ​​​​​Gran Sasso Cable car. A cable car that connects the village of Fonte Cerreto (1115 m) to the western side of Campo Imperatore (2130 m), in the heart of the Gran Sasso d'Italia massif. With a moderate 40 minute hike from Campo Imperatore, one can reach the Refuge "Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi" (2388 m). The departure point of the cable car at Fonte Cerreto can be reached within 30 minutes by bus (see map) or 20 minutes by car from GSSI (see map). The timetable of buses from L'Aquila Collemaggio bus stop to Fonte Cerreto can be found here (timetable valid from Monday to Saturday) and here (timetable valid on Sunday and during holidays). A 3D map of the summer trials over Gran Sasso can be found here.
  • Bominaco Village. The village of Bominaco, 30 minutes by car from L'Aquila's city center, is recognized for two medieval churches built during the XII century. In particular, the rich frescoes found in the "Oratory of San Pellegrino", will provide an unexpected treasure. A broader description of the two churches is available here. A short walk starting from the Churches, in about 20 minutes, brings to the ruins of the old Castle. The castle belonged to a larger complex  of castles built to safeguard the territory, and offer a view of the surround mountains.
  • Rocca Calascio. Situated more than 1400 metres high, on the tip of a ridge, the Castle of Rocca Calascio is among the highest fortifications in Italy. The majestic medieval structure has inspired numerous films such as "In the Name of the Rose" and "Ladyhawke". Rocca Calascio is 50 minutes by car from GSSI, see map

Here a few information about L'Aquila and his region: