Astroparticle Physics Student Seminars



Main Lecture Hall - Viale Francesco Crispi 7
Ivan De Mitri (GSSI)

Astroparticle Physics PhD students will present their research activity, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the admission to the third year of the doctoral program.


    • 1
      Inelastic scattering dark matter search with the CRESST experiment
      Speaker: Miriam Olmi (GSSI)
    • 2
      Combined likelihood analysis of the CRESST II data
      Speaker: Stefano Di Lorenzo (GSSI)
    • 3
      Aspects of dark matter direct detection in effective theories
      Speaker: Vanessa Zema
    • 4
      Towards the measurement of the double beta decay half life of 130-Te to the first 0+ excited state of 130-Xe
      Speaker: Guido Fantini (GSSI)
    • 5
      Astro-nuclei: Nuclear Physics in demand
      Speaker: Alex Gnech (GSSI)
    • 11:05 AM
      Coffee break
    • 6
      Gauge theories of flavor
      Speaker: Benedetta Belfatto (GSSI)
    • 7
      Neutrinos as astrophysical messengers
      Speaker: Carlo Mascaretti (GSSI)
    • 8
      Starburst galaxies as cosmic ray factories
      Speaker: Enrico Peretti (GSSI)
    • 9
      Galactic cosmic ray studies with the DAMPE space mission
      Speaker: Zhaomin Wang (GSSI)
    • 10
      Multimessenger analysis of core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe): neutrinos, gravitational waves, and electromagnetic waves
      Speaker: Odysse Halim (GSSI)