Communicating your research to a non-expert audience. Writing and speaking tools

by Dr Chiara Sabelli


Dates: 14-15-16 November 2023
Duration: 6 hours

Abstract: Speaking about science and scientific research to a non-expert audience can be challenging. This is especially true when you want to communicate your own research, in which you have immersed for months, if not years, and have so far talked about only with interested and competent colleagues. Accurate language selection, careful choice of the most important aspects of the scientific study, and a more nuanced knowledge of the target audience are key elements for a successful communication. Researchers can enter the communication cycle at different points and with different roles. They can address directly the audience, or they can talk about their work to intermediaries, such as science journalists or communication officers. During this eight-hour workshop, participants will engage in different type of communication activities, with simulated oral interviews and a writing exercise. The simulated interviews are intended to guide participants in writing a popular science article about a study carried out by GSSI researchers in their field. The workshop is aimed at scientists with wide-ranging experience, from PhD students to more senior researchers.

Chiara Sabelli Chiara Sabelli is a science writer. She contributes regularly to Nature Italy, Nature’s regional website dedicated to Italian research. Her works have appeared in a variety of outlets, both in English and Italian, from Italian daily newspapers to specialized magazines, such as Scienza in rete. She also works as a communication officer for an EU funded project on data-driven cancer research. She holds a PhD in theoretical physics from Sapienza, University of Rome, and has worked in quantitative finance for some years. 

This class will be held at the Main Lecture Hall of the GSSI Gymnasium, according to the following schedule:

Tue  Nov. 14: 14.30 - 17.30
Wed Nov. 15: 14.30 - 15.30
Thu  Nov. 16: 14.30 - 16.30

People interested to attend the class are kindly asked to register at this page by November 5th. We welcome suggestions of research carried out by GSSI researchers for the simulated interviews which are part of the course. Suggestions for articles can be uploaded at the moment of the registration.


Elisabetta Baracchini (Physics Area, GSSI)
Serena Cenatiempo (Math Area, GSSI)
Catia Trubiani (Computer Science Area, GSSI)
Giulia Urso (Social Science Area, GSSI)

  • Alessio Mei
  • Annarita Ierardi
  • Artem Chernobrovkin
  • Borys Cieslak
  • Cecilia Ferrari
  • Eleonora Ferroni
  • Giacomo Vecchiato
  • Hamed Azami Zenouzagh
  • Mahrokh Mirani
  • Melba D'Astolfo
  • Paolo Antonelli
  • Pawan Tiwari
  • Raoul Cesarano
  • Rinat Kamalov
  • Samanta Macera
  • Samira Silva
  • Sania Imran
  • Sincler Peixoto de Meireles
  • Thi Dinh Tran
  • Thomas Boudier
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