Some applications of physical and computational technologies to disciplines such as cultural heritage, environment and biomedicine will be presented. These interdisciplinary applications of physics, which require advanced computational and mathematical techniques as well, have a strong social impact that will be highlighted in a concluding lecture.

The course is organized within the GSSI Astroparticle Physics PhD program (AP-INT-1) but designed and intended to be effectively attended by students (and researchers) from all the Areas, facing interdisciplinary problems and applications.

It will be held in the second half of June 2022  with a total duration of 15 hours (see the contribution list and calendar).

1) Introduction to the course

2) Diagnostics and conservation of cultural heritage

- general introduction: diagnostics, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage

- ion beam analysis and dating techniques

- diagnostic techniques with portable instruments

- the use of drones for remote sensing

- the use of information technology for cultural heritage

3) Environment

- atmospheric particulate analysis: general introduction and influence on climate change

- the use of accelerators for the study of atmospheric particulate matter

- the use of information technology for the environment

4) Medical applications

- introduction

- the use of accelerators for the treatment of cancer

- data analysis techniques

- artificial intelligence for the study of neurodegenerative deseases

5) Social impact


In order to finalize the organization of the course, we ask you to register as soon as possible.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the access to the Main Lecture Hall (MLH)  will be given to the first 45 registrants, only.

Participants must wear a mask and guarantee the proper distance.


Ex-ISEF-Building-Main Lecture Hall
viale Francesco Crispi, 7 - 67100 LAquila (AQ)
Registration for this event is currently open.
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