Trials in Wave Turbulence: from random waves to kinetic equations

Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila (IT)

Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila (IT)

Viale Francesco Crispi n. 7, 67100

                                Fountain of 99 spouts (Fontana delle 99 Cannelle), L'Aquila 

The school is designed to present to graduate students and early-stage researchers where we stand in the mathematical treatment of Wave Turbulence (WT), by providing participants the opportunity to get their hands on the typical problems in WT, and to interact with leading scientists in the field. For this purpose the school will include two main courses, one short course, complemented by three invited talks. We  aim the school to be a meeting and learning experience for young scientists coming from a broad background. Indeed, given the nature of the problem, we believe the interplay of these different areas will lead to further progress in various directions.

Main courses (5 lectures)

Short course (2 lectures)

Invited talks

The school will also include a session dedicated to posters presentations, see the attached flyer.

Registration to attend the conference is free but mandatory, and we strongly encourage you to meet the deadline of August 20th, 2022. The whole event will be also streamed via Zoom. The Zoom link will be shared among registered participants (deadline for online registration: September 4th, 2022). Please visit the registration page for more information.

The poster of the school can be downloaded here.

Scientific and organizing committee

Paolo Antonelli (GSSI)
Serena Cenatiempo (GSSI)
Riccardo Montalto (Università Statale di Milano)
Alessia Nota (Università degli Studi dell'Aquila)
Raffaele Scandone (GSSI)





  • Aleksis Vuoksenmaa
  • Alessandra Cauli
  • Alessandro Morando
  • Alessandro Olgiati
  • Alessandro Palmieri
  • Alessia Nota
  • Amirali Hannani
  • Amiya Das
  • Andrea Filipponi
  • Andrew Rout
  • Anirban Dutta
  • Annamaria Fontana
  • Anoosha Qaisar
  • Beatrice Langella
  • Bernhard Kepka
  • Clément Colléaux
  • Cristina Caraci
  • Daniele Bartolucci
  • Danlei Zhu
  • David N Reynolds
  • Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis
  • Dáithí Ó hAodha
  • Elena Demattè
  • Eugenia Franco
  • Federica Iacovissi
  • Federico Bonetto
  • Federico Murgante
  • Felice Iandoli
  • Filippo Giuliani
  • Francesco Maddalena
  • Francesco MAINARDI
  • Gennaro Ciampa
  • Gigliola Staffilani
  • Giulia Basti
  • Giuseppe Lipardi
  • Guopeng Li
  • Helena Biscevic
  • Herbert Spohn
  • Hiroyuki Takamura
  • Illia Karabash
  • Iulia Cristian
  • Jonathan Skipp
  • Juan Velázquez
  • Lars Eric Hientzsch
  • Lorenzo Pompili
  • Lorenzo Pompili
  • Luca Franzoi
  • Luca Giacomelli
  • Luigi Forcella
  • Marco Cappiello
  • Marco Passadoro
  • Maria Alessandra Ragusa
  • Mariapia Palombaro
  • Marina Ferreira
  • Martina Pia Nunziata
  • Martino Caliaro
  • Masahiro Ikeda
  • Matteo Caggio
  • Matteo Gallone
  • Matthew Rosenzweig
  • Michele Gorini
  • Niclas Bernhoff
  • Nicola Miele
  • Niklas Knobel
  • Nikolay Barashkov
  • Noboru Chikami
  • Paolo Antonelli
  • Paolo Leonetti
  • Paul Nikolaev
  • Petri Laarne
  • Raffaele Scandone
  • Ricardo Grande Izquierdo
  • Roberta Bianchini
  • Ruoyuan Liu
  • Serena Cenatiempo
  • Serena Federico
  • Sergey Nazarenko
  • Shahnaz Farhat
  • Shulamit Terracina
  • Shunsuke Kitamura
  • Stefano Abbate
  • Stefano Bianchini
  • Stefano Modena
  • Stefano Olla
  • Stefano Rizzello
  • Tommaso Tonolo
  • Truong Vu Xuan
  • Tsukasa Iwabuchi
  • Vishnu Sanjay
  • Younes Zine
  • Yuri Cacchio'
  • Yuzhe Zhu
  • Zaher Hani
  • Zied Ammari
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