Math Courses

Generalized Hydrodynamics

by Herbert Spohn (Technical University of Munich)


Lecturer. Herbert Spohn (Technical University Munich)

Abstract. While integrable many-particle systems are fine-tuned,  microscopic models are very diverse. As to be discussed in the lectures, nevertheless the Euler type equations have always the same struscture. The Toda lattice will be used as a guiding example and further integrable models will be included. Covered are generalized Gibbs ensembles (GGE), random Lax matrix and its density of states, GGE averaged conserved fields and currents, and the resulting generalized hydrodynamics.

References: H. Spohn, "Hydrodynamic scales of integrable many-particle systems",

Information. This minicourse is part of the school "Scaling Limits and Generalized Hydrodynamics", see