Astroparticle Colloquia

GINGER, Gyroscopes IN GEneral Relativity

by Dr Di Virgilio Angela (INFN-Pisa)

University of L'Aquila

University of L'Aquila


Measurements of the Earth's rotation speed made with laser gyroscopes, otherwise known as ring lasers, certainly important for the Earth sciences, are also relevant for fundamental physics tests, as they contain terms of general relativity, such as de Sitter and Lense Thirring and provide unique data to investigate Lorentz's violations. Ring lasers ensure long-term continuous operation with record sensitivity. The limit to be reached for studying the fundamental physics of 1 part in 109 of the Earth's rotation speed has already been demonstrated by existing prototypes.
The GINGER project is based on ring lasers, the apparatus will be described in detail with particular attention to its sensitivity limits.