Astroparticle Colloquia

The LEGEND experiment: searching for neutrinoless double-beta decay with 76Ge

by Prof. Riccardo Brugnera (Università di Padova)




Despite the strong experimental effort many aspects of neutrinos remain unknown. Given zero electric charge and no color, they may be Majorana particles - fermions which are their own anti-particles. Double-beta decay offers a unique probe for this hypothesis. Finding no neutrinos, but solely two electrons sharing the full available decay energy, would prove lepton number non-conservation and unveil the Majorana character of neutrinos. 

The talk will describe the LEGEND experiment which aims to develop a phased 76Ge based double-beta decay experimental program with a discovery potential at a half-life significantly longer than 1027 years. It will profit of the best technologies coming from the GERDA and Majorana Demonstrator experiments. The first step will be LEGEND-200 at LNGS which, using 200 kg of enriched germanium detectors, will improve the GERDA sensitivity by a factor 10. The final step will be LEGEND-1000 a 1 ton experiment able to cover the full parameter space spanned by the inverted ordering scenario.